Quality Policy

“Quality is the set of inherent properties of an object that gives ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”

In ESMET the first task is the identification of those properties that meet the needs of your product. To do this in the early stages of a project, all steps and details of your designs are reviewed by our technical team to determine what you need, clearly identify and provide the means to fulfill it.

  • Process control.
    Having identified any product needs, we developed a plan of statistical process control, where in each of the manufacturing steps necessary checks are made to ensure that the result will satisfy your needs.
  • Statistical product control.
    On request, we can perform additional checks to give a greater assurance of quality. Quality on-demand.
  • Issuance of certificates.
    We offer you certified quality assurance of the products with the measurements made in each of the processes. All managed by our computer system and integrated product traceability.
  • Approvals.
    We offer the ability to manage approvals and certifications on official bodies.