Porqué Esmet

"More Than A Supplier ... A Contributor"

Pricing Policy

We live in times of constant change, where raw materials have become a haven for investors and speculators. ESMET want to provide solutions to be as transparent as possible and that the decision of how work is in your hands.

  • Price formula.
    We have a pricing system with price formula to offer to our customers where one of the variables to be considered is the price of the raw material. In this way, you can see the evolution and choose the best time to make your purchase.
  • Contract processing.
    ESMET offers the possibility to work in toll production mode, where you provide us with the raw material and we transform it.
  • Temporal stability.
    We know that certain customers need temporal stability. In ESMET also know this problem and provide complete hardware and software locks delivery very broad horizons, offering the best benefits for you, in terms and prices. Contact us.