Valves And Accessories For Fluids

  • Valves for water applicationsi. Valves for water applications. ESMET offers the global solution: drop-forging , machining and assembling. We take care of all other components beyond our own internal process and give you the product completely solved.
  • Press fittings ii. We manufacture press fittings for various manufacturers in the industry, both linear valves and in "U", as well as elbows, tees and fittings.
  • Two-way solenoid valves iii. Two-way solenoid valves for  various fluids, from 1/8 " to 1". .
  • Valves for fire extinctioniv. Valves for fire extinction of 1-50 bar permanent pressure, CO2 valves and auxiliary pressure valves.
  • Three-way carbon steel connector v. Three-way carbon steel connector for automotive industryn (Ford)
  •  Swing check valve 3vi. Swing check valve 3 ". Made from casting (body) and drop-forging (flapper). Machining of both components are made using CNC machine-tools and assembled in our mounting section. Likewise, hydrostatic testing is performed to ensure proper operation.